domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Classroom Activities

Can you lend me your car?
I am afraid. I can´t. I have to piek up my parents from the estation

Can you show me your city?
No I can´t busy

you could teach me to drive

some body people wear glasses
 some things are expensive
some places to rest

any person is entirely agreeable
anything fried is healthy
any place arma my keys

no body went to my  party
for me no thing  is imposible
this table is no where there

every  body people wanted your   benefit
every thing in your place
every where is especial


Would you like to come to my hause to have lunch
I´d like to invite you and your boy friend?
I really want you to come
lunch is on saturday at 1:00 p.m in the street 63 n° 4-20
Thanks for inviting me
Sound perfect beacuse we will for time talking
Im sorry but my boy friend can´t make it beacuse he has to work


I am  opinion the animals are very important
we consider thatthey should live in jungles
we don´t agree with the cruel hunters of glasses bear
we are in favour of protesting because the animals should be free
let´s do something not having bear glesses hunters
Recomendietion a day for the bear glasses where much people paint glasses your eyes
whuy don´t we paint our feces with glasses as the bears glasses.

composition with future plans

The plans for my future will be as follows:
In the short term, ie within two years I have planned to have made a major in psychology, enjoyed the education of my baby, I'll be putting the race will have applied for a loan to buy a larger apartment in which I live now.
A long loop that is, 5 years here I have planned to have a psychological clinic which allow high-me owning my own time, my child will be 5 years which means that it is in a school studying, buy a car plows move poderme and will be doing the Masters.

write about be going to and will

Near future                                                                            Uncertain future
I'm going to English class Monday                                       I will study a specialization in clinical psychologyI'm going this week to work                                                I will buy another house
I'm going to make market                                                   I will change the home
I'm going  to dance tonight                                                  I will take a driving course
I am going to study for partial                                             I will leave the country
I'm going to research for the thesis                                      I will have a psychological clinic
I'm going to make dinner                                                    I will buy the furniture of the apartment.
I'm going to the doctor                                                       I will take my child to play
I'm going to make me my baby's ultrasound                        I will do a Masters
I'm going to eat tamales.                                                     I will be master of my time

what I did on my holidays

On my vacation, I was much at home resting and sharing with my family, at the end of the holiday I went camping with my family to a park that is on the outskirts of Bogota, the park is called Chicaque, there were collecting firewood , we built a fire, we ate, we joke and laugh until the morning when we sleep intervention.
The next day we went back home to rest, the rest of the holidays I went to visit where my aunt or where my mom.